JB offers the latest innovative geospatial solutions

Committed to providing the highest level of technologically advanced geospatial solutions, Jensen Bowers offers high definition 3D laser scanning surveys and UAV  (fixed wing and drone aircraft) solutions that can significantly reduce time and cost.

The use of smart technology, combined with traditional surveying methods, allows for real-time data to be captured quickly and safely and with more accuracy and provides more control in delivering cost-effective projects.

High Definition 3D laser scanning surveys deliver highly detailed 3D point cloud and modelled data for use across multiple disciplines including engineering and architectural designs. The 360° field of view enables complete site coverage and substantial simultaneous data collection beyond the immediate area of interest, often eliminating the need for additional site visits.

Jensen Bowers clients request laser scanning for:

  • Engineering (civil, structural, mechanical and electrical) and architectural data collection;
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM);
  • Detailed structural element location for residential, commercial and industrial buildings;
  • Stockpile volumes;
  • Rail, roads, bridges and tunnel detail; and
  • Reverse engineering.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions enable photography and traditional surveying to be completed on site in a single day. Together with photogrammetric software, Jensen Bowers can generate 3D mapping of a site to a suitable accuracy, leading to invaluable, high quality, topographical data.

Jensen Bowers uses a UAV for:

  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM);
  • Environmental and Agricultural Mapping;
  • Volume Calculations;
  • Infrastructure Inspections;
  • Sales and Marketing Imagery;
  • Photography / Video;
  • Rectified Ortho-photos; and
  • Dilapidation Survey.

Jensen Bowers’ team of surveyors have been providing Laser Scanning and UAV survey solutions for a number of significant projects throughout Queensland, including:

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