Jensen Bowers gets the seal of approval as a Brisbane City Council SealSMART Consultant

SealSMART is a fast-track, self certification process for obtaining plan sealing. As an BCC accredited consultant, Jensen Bowers certifies compliance with conditions of approval to assist in streamlining the sealing of survey plans and documents. Once the Condition Certification Report is approved by the SealSMART team, Council’s approval process is only 5 business days.

Jensen Bowers has a long standing relationship with the Brisbane City Council. With extensive knowledge of Council’s application process and associated regulations, we can assess your proposal and advise whether your project is suitable for SealSMART.

How can Jensen Bowers assist?

  • Determine suitability of application
  • Coordinate consultants & certifications required
  • Preparation of Conditions Certification Report
  • Negotiations with SealSMART engineers
  • Infrastructure contributions; itemised breakdown
  • Coordinate BCC legal documents
  • Liaise with solicitors and review Community Management Statement/Building Management Statement
  • Preparation of final electronic plan sealing applications

Act Now

Call 07 3852 1771 and speak to our Survey Directors, David Burke and Scott Morrison to discuss if your proposal is suitable.

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