Jensen Bowers Partner Workshop: New Frontiers in Land Analysis

Jensen Bowers, in collaboration with Calibre Consulting and Geoimage, is pleased to invite our clients and industry peers to attend the New Frontiers in Land Analysis workshop in Brisbane.

Join us to learn how advances in satellite and mapping technology are changing the way land use professionals assess development potential.

Understanding land use potential is becoming more and more complex, with multiple overlays and considerations impacting what can or cannot be done with certain sites. But rapid advances in technology are making this easier and expanding our knowledge of site potential. This free workshop covers advances in digital mapping, the future of satellite imagery and land use information, and what this will mean for the development potential of sites.

The workshop will be presented by:

  • Mark Edwards, Geoimage: The Digital Revolution; Harnessing emerging technology for spatial analysis. What Geoimage has learnt about the latest advancements.
  • Tony Evans, Jensen Bowers: BIM5D and emerging technologies.
  • Mal McCann, Calibre Consulting: A review of the sources of land use intelligence and capacity, and how to bring it all together.

Date: Thursday, 13 July 2017

Time: 4.00pm – 5.00pm Presentation and Q&A, with networking drinks to follow.

Location: Calibre’s office, Ground Floor, 545 Queen Street, Brisbane.

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