Short term serviced apartments, Paddington


Pellicano Group and Frank Vidakovic


  • Planning approval strategy and advice
  • Community consultation
  • Political advocacy
  • Planning and Development Approval
  • Detail Survey


A new 5 storey building in the heart of inner city Paddington intended to accommodate Quest Serviced Apartments or an alternative short term accommodation operator.

In late 2013 Brisbane City Council issued approval for a 5 storey short term accommodation / retail / restaurant development which will provided a highly-valued injection into the economic fabric of both Given Terrace and Paddington. Located in proximity to Suncorp Stadium, as well as business and recreational facilities within the inner-city, this development will fill a significant void in the short term accommodation market in this location.

The project, designed by Ellivo Architects and DBI Architecture, provides street level activation with a range of retail and restaurant opportunities as well as a public laneway which further contributes to pedestrian interest and amenity. The site comprises two historic buildings which to date, remain largely unprotected by the Brisbane City Plan. The owner of the site, the Vidakovic Group, retains strong ties with the suburb of Paddington and specifically briefed the project team to maintain the historical values and character embodied by these magnificent buildings. What eventuated was a masterfully designed building, sleeved largely to the rear of the retained historical buildings but ensuring their contribution to overall site design remained the prominent feature.

The steep topography that Paddington is known so well for, along with the strong desire to maintain and enhance the historical values of the buildings currently located on the site, largely dictated the design outcome. Also located at the residential interface to the south, the planning and design outcome in this case was a balance between maintaining residential amenity for the existing community and providing a development concept that was feasible and economically viable. Successful strategic and performance-based planning merit grounds established by Jensen Bowers were a cornerstone in the achievement of this approval and what will ultimately be a contemporary landmark for the community of Paddington.

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