Andoom, Ely and East Weipa Mining | Surveying


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Surveying services including:

  • Ground Surface Data;
  • Data Rotation and Translation;
  • Machine Guidance Surface Files;
  • CAT Terrain;
  • Trimble HME;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Mining;
  • Resources.


Jensen Bowers Group were engaged as professional surveying consultants on a large mining project in Weipa, Queensland.  The project involved a complete review and conversion of ground surface topographical data into spatially correct and manageable data sets for the use in earthmoving equipment using CAT Terrain via Trimble HME software.

Due to the sheer geographical size of the operations (39,000 hectares) creating this surface posed a challenge as there was a mix of current and historical data in various formats, co-ordinates and measurement systems.

An accurately collated data set benefits the entire life cycle of the mining process resulting in improved workflow, energy efficiencies and greater economic viability of the mine site.

Based upon Jensen Bowers’ experience and ownership of Trimble HME software and CAT Terrain programming, the solution was tested prior to data delivery ensuring the quality of the data required.

Jensen Bowers are pioneers in big data sets, new technology and thought leaders in practical solutions for not only property development, but the infrastructure and mining sectors in Australia as well.  Our spatial solutions can cater for large and/or complex infrastructure and mining projects, and utilises experienced qualified staff, innovative technology and procedures to meet your specific project requirements.

Please contact Scott Morrison, Director and Business Development Manager on 07 3852 1771 or by email for more information.