Major Road Infrastructure – Pavement Monitoring and Audit


Major Road Infrastructure


  • Surveying
  • Survey Control
  • High Definition Laser Scanning
  • Road Pavement Monitoring Survey
  • Road Pavement Audit


Various local & state government road network authorities periodically engaged Jensen Bowers to conduct regular road pavement monitoring and audit reports.

Together with our highly skilled surveying staff, advanced 3D laser scanning equipment and unique workflow systems, we can capture rapid amounts of accurate, intense 3D data, of road pavement levels and features, for detailed engineering analysis.


jensen bowers gateway surveying

Projects require capturing 3D data of pre-selected sections of various arterial roads, as determined by the monitoring and audit programme. Previously, using traditional equipment and methodology, multiple lanes of the arterial road would have had to be closed.

Using Jensen Bowers’ unique systems and workflows, most sections of roads can be monitored remotely and safely, with no disruption to traffic and without the added expense of night works or traffic control.

Safety is paramount; Jensen Bowers’ unique workflow system reduces disruption to traffic flow, lowering safety risks involving the public, contractors, and our surveyors. Jensen Bowers Group’s system meets documented standards for accuracy and point intensity.


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