Midtown Development


DMC Projects


  • Laser Scanning
  • BIM Modelling
  • Cadastral Survey


An approval has been granted by Brisbane City Council to combine two buildings located at 155 Charlotte Street and 150 Mary Street into a single refurbished commercial tower. The transformation in the heart of the Brisbane CBD has incorporated the restoration of the heritage Charlotte Street façade in accordance with BCC heritage guidelines and will deliver high-quality office spaces, first class on-site facilities, a conference centre and flexible working areas.

Terrestrial laser scanning was used to capture a survey accurate point cloud of the existing heritage building both internally and externally. The JB modelling team used this point cloud to create a full Revit model of the structural and architectural components of the building. As the design progressed the team revisited the site and scanned the MEP services which were added to the overall Revit model.

The Revit model, made available to all consultants involved with the project, has a significant cost savings throughout the life of the project. These services were combined with a full cadastral reinstatement showing the relationship of all buildings, structures and services to the boundaries. As the construction progresses the BIM model can be updated to serve all consultants and future building managers.
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