Bushfire Services

Jensen Bowers Group Consultants Pty Ltd maintains extensive experience with regard to planning for development in bushfire prone areas. Bushfire management within the planning process remains one of the most effective and appropriate methods in reducing personal and community exposure to bushfire risk in Australia.

In a time when weather systems are in a state of change and global warming is expected to produce more frequent and severe fire weather during bushfire seasons, our susceptibility to bushfire risk continues to increase. Jensen Bowers utilises its 100+ years of servicing developments across Queensland to provide essential bushfire management services. Jensen Bowers can assist with both strategic and statutory bushfire planning and management requirements.

Jensen Bowers offers the following bushfire planning and management services:

For Government:

  • Translation of State Planning Policy provisions and guidelines
  • Bushfire risk assessment processes
  • Strategic bushfire planning policy advisory
  • Landscape and site-based hazard analysis
  • Assistance with the preparation of hazard mapping
  • Development of effective land use requirements and provisions
  • Planning scheme bushfire hazard overlay code preparation
  • Assessment of Bushfire Hazard Management Plans on behalf of local government

For industry:

  • Preparation of Bushfire Risk Management Reports and Plans
  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment for commercial scale sub-divisions and developments
  • Planning and design advice with regard to siting and development layout
  • Advice and assistance with application of Australian Standard 3959-2009 with regard to siting, defendable space and construction requirements
  • Analysis and assessment of relevant planning instruments including local planning scheme bushfire hazard codes and policies and State planning policies and guidelines
  • Due diligence advice for properties within bushfire prone areas
  • General advice on property preparation and vegetation management
  • Co-ordination and project management of development sub-consultants

Jensen Bowers maintains knowledge and skills in risk based land use planning and development and building in bushfire prone areas to assist with achieving the best possible development potential whilst managing bushfire risk.


  • A perspective which understands development and client needs
  • A consultant which is conversant with the planning and development process
  • Ability to satisfy Council and State Government bushfire protection provisions via an integrated approach

To find out more

Feel free to contact either Senior Planner and bushfire planning specialist, Laura Gannon, or Business Operations Manager, Mark Edwards, to discuss the potential bushfire risks and management strategies for your project on 07 3852 1771 or by email.

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