Jensen Bowers has been accredited with Brisbane City Council’s RiskSMART programme since its inception in 2005.  With our extensive knowledge of Council’s application process and associated regulations,  we can assess your proposal and advise whether your project  is suitable for RiskSMART.

Jensen Bowers are accredited to seek approvals for ALL Brisbane City Council, Logan City Council and Gold Coast Council RiskSMART development types.

Brisbane City Council

  • New houses and extensions in a Demolition Control Precinct (including on small lots)
  • Industry or warehouse developments in an Industry Area
  • Multi-unit dwelling developments of 10 units or less
  • Single unit dwelling developments of 10 units or less
  • Centre Activity within a Centre Area
  • Subdivisions comprising up to 10 lots
  • Pontoons, jetties and other prescribed tidal work
  • School extensions in a Community Use Area

Logan City Council

  • House applications
  • Sheds / Garages / open Carports (Class 10 structures ancillary to an existing house)
  • Residential subdivisions (up to 10 lots)
  • Realignment of boundaries
  • Multiple unit dwellings (up to 10 lots)
  • Dual occupancy / attached dwellings
  • Small retail developments
  • Industrial developments

Gold Coast CouncilGoldCoastCouncillogo

  • Multi unit Dwellings (up to 10 Dwellings)
  • Secondary Dwelling Houses
  • Low to Medium impact Industry and Warehouse
  • Commercial and Retail
  • Subdivision (up to 5 lots)
  • Partial third storeys

As a qualified RiskSMART Consultant, Jensen Bowers certifies the application is suitable for Council approval. Once lodged, a RiskSMART application typically takes up to 5 business days to be approved by Council (following public notification if applicable).

Jensen Bowers provide complete Town Planning and Survey services for RiskSMART Applications including:

  • Providing faster approvals
  • Reduced processing times
  • Dealing with site constraints
  • Engaging and coordinating relevant sub-consultants
  • Managing neighbour concerns and objections
  • Coordinate public notifications
  • Prepare detail surveys, titling and construction setouts
  • Exploring best and alternate development solutions
  • Negotiating support for non-compliant or unique development proposals
  • Early awareness of conditions of consent


  • Brisbane City Council offers a 20% discount on their application fees for RiskSMART applications.
  • Logan City Council offers a 50% discount on their application fees.
  • Gold Coast Council offers a 10% discount on their application fees.
  • In Logan, ‘Well Made’ applications that are not RiskSMART criteria compliant may still qualify for an alternative fee rebate

Jensen Bowers have a strong relationship with the RiskSMART team and have assisted to refine the RiskSMART programme, for example Jensen Bowers assisted RiskSMART to include school extensions in the program in response to meeting the Federal Government’s funding deadlines for the BER programme.


Feel free to contact us, to discuss whether your development is suitable for RiskSMART on 07 3319 4933 or by email.

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