The Developer’s Toolbox

Knowledge Series ebookWelcome to the Developer’s Toolbox.

Time is of the essence and Jensen Bowers knows the importance of having the right information at your fingertips. This resources page has been created to save you time and hassle. We have assembled the following shortcuts to essential information and relevant documents that may assist with your development plans.

If there is something missing from the toolbox, send us an email with your suggestion and we’ll add it to the box.

How to use Brisbane City Plan 2014 A basic users-guide to navigating City Plan 2014.
Brisbane City Plan 2014 Fact Sheets A range of guides for self-starters.
Brisbane City Plan 2014 – Interactive Mapping Perform a property search to identify relevant zoning, overlay or other pertinent information relating to any given property in Brisbane.
PD Online This resource can be used to view recent history of applications lodged over a given property. It also identifies zoning and overlays and basic property information.
Brisbane City Plan 2014 (ePlan) The planning scheme – the whole kit and caboodle.
Overlay codes Individual codes are located here and can be accessed by expanding the relevant tab on the left of the screen.
Neighbourhood Plans Neighbourhood plans are a tool to manage change and accommodate growth and better protect valued environments at a local level. Provisions must be considered to guide development intent and desired outcomes.
Priority infrastructure plan maps Identify the location of existing and future trunk infrastructure which might impact development prospects, timing and costs.
Superseded Brisbane City Plan 2000 Applicants can seek to have development assessed against the superseded City Plan 2000 up until June 2015.
Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014 Brisbane City Council’s latest vision for a maturing city centre. This document should inform the process of creating a new Neighbourhood Plan for the City Centre to replace the existing Neighbourhood Plan.
Brisbane Vision Brisbane Vision 2031 is Council’s long-term community plan for the city. It details the aspirations for our city’s future and outlines ideas for achieving this vision.
Brisbane CityShape 2026 The Draft Brisbane CityShape 2026is a blueprint for the future. Concepts of a Multi-centred city and other major themes influencing present thinking and planning.
Brisbane Economic Development Plan 2012-2031 The Brisbane Economic Development Plan sets out Council’s commitment to the actions that will deliver on the economic priorities identified.
Brisbane’s Unique Window of Opportunity A report written by the Lord Mayor’s Economic Development Steering Committee (LMEDSC). Formed in September 2011 to provide recommendations about what Brisbane City Council can do, within its regulatory framework, to support Brisbane business growth.
South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009 – 2031 State Government’s blue-print for the development of South-East Queensland to the year 2031.
South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program Portal to a range of Qld Government information relating to Major Projects and priority infrastructure.