Integrated Management System

Jensen Bowers is dedicated to providing the highest quality service with no compromise on workplace health & safety or environmental harm.

We have developed an industry leading Integrated Management System (IMS) that controls and delivers continuous improvement to ensure the highest standards in Quality, Workplace Health and Safety and Environmental practices.

The company philosophy is to ensure statutory compliance is met as a minimum and that best practice is achieved as a routine standard. The dedication of our management and staff ensures our commitment to ‘making a difference’ transgresses all activities.

Jensen Bowers is independently certified as compliant with ISO and AS/NZS Standards for Quality, Safety and Environment.



Jensen Bowers has effective quality management systems, plans, policies and procedures that address the individual needs of clients and their projects.

Workplace Health & Safety

Jensen Bowers’ “safety first” organisational culture ensures safe working environments remain a priority.

JB is a participating member of the Queensland Government’s “Safety Leadership at Work Program”.


Jensen Bowers acknowledge its environmental responsibilities across all activities and strives for positive envionmental outcomes.