Rail Survey

Datahawk_TrimbleJensen Bowers uses the Trimble GEDO system for fast, accurate measurement of track conditions. A proven platform of advanced spatial technology systems for the rail industry, the GEDO system standardises quality conformance, reduces lag time in the engineering design process and increases efficiencies in both the construction and maintenance of rail track and structures.

Jensen Bowers provides comprehensive rail survey services including:

  • Rail track location and geometry survey
  • Rail conformance/track clearance survey
  • Rail pre and post tamping survey
  • Rail track to structure/monument scanning
  • Rail corridor detail survey
  • Rail track and structure monitoring


  • Combination of traditional methods and proven scan technology from Europe/UK
  • Smart technology – safe, efficient, effective
  • More accurate, more efficient, more control
  • Reduced track down-time
  • Reduced risks
  • Reduced costs

To find out more

Feel free to contact Jensen Bowers to discuss your project requirements on 07 3319 4933 or by email.



Rail Survey Brochure (PDF, 115kb)