JENSEN BOWERS is working with principal contractor Keller and Mainland Civil on Spirit in Surfers Paradise in preparation for the construction of foundations which will ultimately develop into the proposed 89-level tower.

A milestone was reached this week with the plunging of the first precast column. The process includes boring an 1800 mm diameter circular shaft deep into the bedrock.

The precast column is then lowered into the shaft and once in place, the column is set at its base into the grout pier. The shaft is then back-filled around the column, the column is released from its platform guide and crane supports, then the process is repeated for each column.

Jensen Bowers are on site to provide orientation, positional and verticality set out, as well as monitoring of the column as it is lowered (plunged). The positional accuracy of the column is to be checked for horizontal and vertical position. This ensures when excavation and infill basements construction works are undertaken, each column is in the correct position and height to align with each of the proposed basement floors.

This process of plunging the columns is one scope element Keller is undertaking over the next 12 months of foundation works. Completing these early works will enable the top down construction process for the tower to commence while the basements works are ongoing.

To learn more about this project, please contact Gold Coast Survey Manager, Wayne Geradts on 07 5600 9779.